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lipofillin mama

Lipofilling mamario 

La cirurgia de Lipofilling / Lipoestructura mamària o Farciment mamari amb empelt gras permet augmentar el volum mamari desitjat amb el greix obtingut de la liposucció d'altres zones del cos com l'abdomen, esquena, flancs, cartutxeres... Amb aquesta tècnica també podem corregir asimetries mamàries, recuperar el volum perdut després de la lactància o pèrdua de pes, així com millorar defectes per tumorectomies per càncer de mama.


No ho pensis més, la lipoestructura mamària és una solució duradora per millorar el teu contorn mamari de manera definitiva.

lipofilling mamario grasa mama dr garnica mataró
  • What does facial lipofiling consist of?
    Lipofilling / facial lipostructure or facial filler surgery with fat grafting allows us to recover the lost volume in different areas of our faces (cheeks, cheekbones, lips, chin) due to the passage of time, trauma scars or asymmetries. During surgery, fat is extracted by liposuction from a donor area (usually the abdomen), it is processed to purify the fat graft and it is injected in the desired location.
  • Who is a candidate for facial lipofilling?
    Any patient with a facial contour defect, either due to atrophy of fatty tissues due to age, facial trauma or previous surgeries.
  • Are there any contraindications to perform this intervention?
    Tobacco may be a relative contraindication, since tobacco decreases the survival of the fat graft in the recipient area.
  • Can facial lipofilling be performed in conjunction with another procedure?
    Facial lipofilling can be combined with other facial procedures, such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or facelift. It could also be associated with body surgeries.
  • What can you expect in the postoperative period?
    After a facial lipofilling surgery we can wait: - Edema / swelling of the infiltrated area (face) and the donor area (abdomen / flanks / thighs), which usually lasts 7 - 10 days, and which will be mitigated with physical measures (elevated head, local cold, girdle compression abdomen) along with analgesic (pain) and anti-inflammatory medication. - Hematoma / "purple" in the treated areas, which usually disappear after 2 weeks. - Pain / discomfort in the treated areas for the first 5 - 7 days, for which you will receive analgesics.
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